Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hoarders Lite

After our adoption fundraiser last night, we loaded everything into the house and the garage, showered, and turned around and walked out to stay at my parents' overnight (if you can call midnight to 5:20am overnight, that is) so we'd be one hour closer to St. Louis this morning. We'd also gotten some packages in the mail, one of which I opened hurriedly and subsequently scattered around the dining room. None of the loading in was very neat, and we returned this evening, exhausted, and I dropped what I was carrying willy nilly in the living room, which already contained a basket of clean laundry and a basket of detritus from the nursery that needs to be sorted. The coffee table had been a bit of a mess for a long time, and when I finally looked up after scarfing down three leftover fundraiser cupcakes and some cheese and crackers (while checking my e-mail and various blogs, no less), I realized that we'd walked into an episode of a hoarding show, during the part where they're about a third of the way done and start finding the bones of old, dead cats. And the shameful thing is that I have absolutely no will to do anything about it.

I did, however, have the will to open three other packages that arrived in the mail and try out the toddler leg warmers on the (still living, not buried beneath hoarded rubble) cat.

lucy checks nola's bamboo leg warmers for comfort

Priorities: I've got some.

I hope you notice the basket of laundry right next to me that I could be folding if I weren't too busy trying leg warmers on the cat and blogging about it. I can do that tomorrow, right? I've still got two hats with giant flowers, and the cat's all relaxed, so I think we know what must be done.

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