Friday, September 24, 2010

I Do Not Have the Brain Power to Think of a Title

I'm pretty sure I scheduled my hair appointment for tomorrow because I thought that A) the neck massage would be awesome and B) fresh hair for family photos! I am trying to put my long to do list out of my mind and focus on those two benefits. I wish I also had time for a pedicure, but what can you do? Paint 'em at home, I suppose.

I'm not sure what posting will be like once we are in Ethiopia. I am going to make updating our adoption blog my top priority, as I know that friends, families, and very kind strangers will be looking for updates there. So if you don't see me here, hop on over and check in over there. Internet coverage is spotty in Addis, so I'm going to take whatever time and connection I have to make it count for our little lady.

I am excited and nervous about the trip, as is to be expected. While Jarod is back in the US between our court and embassy appointments, I am staying with a friend's aunt, and she does not speak English. I know very little Amharic (tinish! tinish!), and what I do know is more appropriate to our daughter than to a wider audience. This could be an even bigger adventure than I bargained for. But it doesn't matter, really. I am not staying so I can have a luxury vacation; I am there to be near to Nola and to learn more about her home country and culture. If I don't get a shower and have to wear a hat over my greasy white girl hair every single day, so be it. Better stories later, right?

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Jennifer said...

love you, love you, you are awesome, waiting with baited breath and prayers for any news, but totally hope and expect you to be smart and not spend excess time online. (keep repeating to myself, it's not about ME...)
kidding! I'm not THAT solipsistic. But I will be super excited about any tidbit that makes its way onto the old interweb!!
Have an aMAZING time! I will feel the hugs for her through you!