Monday, September 20, 2010

In Case You Are Interested

There's a full tour of our daughter's room right here. It's pretty much the biggest thing I've gotten done today, and hello, I need to be getting things done. We leave in five days. I woke up this morning freaking out a little bit at all the things we need to do, but nothing is that difficult, and I did mark three small things off the list already. It's the tedious things that are getting to me, like doing the laundry and putting away the shower gifts from yesterday.

I also need to write a truckload of thank you notes. I am sure that people would understand if I didn't get them mailed before I exited the country, but I think that if you are grateful for something, you should make sure people know that. Taking the time to write a note of thanks is really the least I can do. And plus, doesn't everyone love getting mail?

I suppose I'll sort the laundry now. (ho hum *sigh*)

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