Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Tuesday With Old Lady Mary

Did you notice that I skipped posting last week's photo? Let's say you didn't. Mary didn't comment on the outfit at all, and while I thought it was fine, it was also kind of boring. So we shall move on to today's outfit. Click on through to get the details.

tuesday, september 14, 2010

Next week will be my last Tuesday with OLM before I leave for Ethiopia. In preparation, I brought her six bottles of chocolate syrup and three bottles of thousand island dressing, plus Pringle's that I pretended were on sale. "I got some for $1.50! Were yours more on sale than that?" Mary asked. Affirmative! They were cheaper than that. Mine were $1.47! I didn't mention the exact price, though, because I wanted to lead Mary to believe that I'd gotten a great deal and not spent too much money on her. My ruse was a success.

We are eleven days out from leaving. Our last piece of paper finally arrived today. We would celebrate with champagne (or whatever champagne-like substance we already own, since we are on a budget), but now is not the time for it. This story is about our family member, who is Jarod's cousin's wife. She is a really wonderful person, and will be greatly missed by her husband and children and of course by all of us.

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