Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Tuesday With Old Lady Mary

It was a good day for visiting Old Lady Mary. I got her the biggest balloon bouquet the grocery store had to offer, and she marveled at how good I am at finding things. "I've never even seen that kind there!" she gushed, "I just don't know how you picked that!" Well, it was about five feet in front of me when I walked in the door, that's how. I feel better about leaving her for the next six or eight or however-many weeks; she seems to understand that I will be back, and that eases my mind. I don't like to have her worry that I've just deserted her forever. Because: NOT TRUE. Who else would call me a fashion model? Absolutely no one.

tuesday, september 21, 2010

Click on that pic for the full details of the outfit and her reaction.


We are in major countdown mode over here, what with only four days until we ditch you for an Ethiopian beauty, but you wouldn't know it by the way I'm sitting on my rear in front of the computer and baking cookies like it's any other night. I guess it's nice to just be normal for a few minutes before I start racing around like a chicken with it's head removed.

Oh, wait, that's normal for me, too.

Oh, well.

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