Saturday, October 30, 2010


We are back from Ethiopia. If you have not been reading our adoption blog, you are probably pretty out of the loop, so I will sum up.

1. We went to Ethiopia to adopt our adorable daughter!
2. Instead of having the opportunity to visit her while in country, we were told she could stay with us the whole time.
3. We said a resounding YES to that option.
4. Instead of going home for a short time between court and embassy, Jarod said, "HELL NO," and chose to stay. We unwittingly changed his plane ticket to the exact date his visa expired.
5. We spent 30 days in Ethiopia with our daughter.
6. All processes were expedited for us, and we booked plane tickets for Zinashi and me to come home at the same time as Jarod's previously re-scheduled plane ticket.
7. We spent eighteen hours in row 22 on an Ethiopian Air flight from Addis to DC.
8. Magnolia Zinash McBride became a US citizen upon arrival on US soil.
9. All three of us slept through the final flight home to Kansas City.

And here we are, at home, a family. The girl who was going to be called Nola Zinash is being called Zinashi, and we reserve the right to keep it or change it as she sees fit. Her name belongs to her, and she may do with it what she wishes. We are just so happy to have her, this amazing little person, that we don't really care if her name is Mayor McCheese. We just love her. And I love being a mother. LOVE. I love getting up in the morning to make breakfast, I love rocking her to sleep, I love doing her tiny laundry. This is, by far, the best thing we have ever done. Life is awesome.

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