Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just the Mom

Tonight at 6:34pm, I finally cleared the breakfast dishes off the table. I'd like to say a huge YOU'RE WELCOME both to our cat, Lucy Snowe, who was able to lap up a bit of every drink that didn't get finished, and at her leisure, no less, and also to all of you who now feel like your housekeeping skills are more than adequate. I mean, sheesh, if that girl with just one kid can't clear the breakfast dishes until it's time for dinner, then you are A-OK, am I right?

But what can I say? We needed to go to the zoo, which is free for Kansas City, Missouri, residents for the entire month of November. There's a new polar bear, and if you don't think it's important to see the new polar bear for free, then we need to talk about your priorities. What are you doing, clearing the breakfast dishes from the table in a timely manner or something?

you might say i was a little jealous of these lions

As far as we know, the only zoo that Zinashi had ever visited was the Lion Zoo in Addis, where she went with us and was terrifed of a tiny deer-like animal who was both tethered and behind a fence. I'm pretty sure Zinashi could have squashed him beneath just one foot, but she thought that little deer was going to eat her right up. The lions, however, she didn't mind. So today we saw lions, and only partly because we actually know the Amharic word for lion. Okay, maybe it had a lot to do with that. When you're asking, "Would you like to see the _______?" it's nice if your child understands what she's agreeing to. And so there we were, looking at the lions, who were all sleeping, and I was feeling pretty jealous. I would like to stretch out in the sun and take a nap at noon; don't think I wouldn't. The indulgent sleep is what I miss most about my childless life, which is not saying much since I don't miss a ton of things about the way things were before I became a mother, and one who has no other occupation at that.

I was ready for this change. Which is not to say that there aren't hard parts, but that it is a good change in spite of any challenge that parenthood throws at me. I feel at peace with this new life, with the kind of opportunities in front of me, with the way I am allowed to parent my daughter thanks to the luxury of being able to make it on just one salary, at least for now. That I'd like to branch out a bit and eventually bring in some income again is true, but that I do not wish to return to nannying as my primary source of employment is also true. I am enjoying just being the mom for now. I am enjoying it a whole, whole lot.

mami and zinashi at the zoo

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Liz said...

So sweet...the mom life suits you!