Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Surprise at All

The last two weeks were a blur of jet lag and settling in and doing entirely too much for having just returned from Africa with a three-year-old who needs to adjust to how very different the US is from where she has lived her whole life. I said yes to a lot of things I should have said no to. I have learned my lesson, which is that the people who want to see our daughter and do things for her and with her are not mind readers, and they also have probably not read multiple books on attachment. So it falls to us as parents to be the gatekeepers. In particular, it falls to me since I am with her more often and had more time to read attachment and adjustment literature. So I'm correcting the mistakes of the past two weeks, and now we are mostly hanging out at home. It's pretty much everything I ever hoped know, now. There's junk mail all over the floor, and my daughter keeps bringing me spongy tub toys and telling me they're dabo (bread), and I dutifully fake eat them and make food enjoyment noises. We listen to music. We dance. She is very good at entertaining herself, and is content to wander the house and get into a little bit of trouble. It surprises me how much she really is just like me. For example:

covered in chocolate

The chocolate on her face makes me very, very happy.

As does simply being her mother.

Life has gotten really good.

her mild surprise face

And that's no surprise at all.


James E. Robinson, III said...

The second pic is the best yet. Thanks for sharing Mary; warms my heart each day.

white girl said...

That final photo is just the most delightful photo of a child ever! I love it!