Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've always been a cluttery person, but as an adult I've really enjoyed cleaning everything up once a week and having a space for every item so it's easier to do that. In theory, I should still be able to maintain this, but in practice, I really want to use the forty-five minutes that remain of Zinashi's naptime after I've done the bare necessities of housekeeping (which takes up the first forty-five minutes of her naptime) to catch up on e-mail and zone out in front of some blogs. So instead of managing to get--and keep--things organized, our house looks like this:


Yes, that is just a small sample of our space, but I assure you that the rest of the house looks very much the same. Piles of random things in random places, the cat wandering about, and Zinashi and me goofing off instead of getting work done. I do get a few things done while she is awake, but until our boundaries are established a little better, much of the time I'm leaving something half done to figure out if what she's throwing through the cat door, or why she is suddenly so quiet. So this is our reality, and it's not half bad.

Let's just hope it doesn't get worse, right?

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