Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesdays with Old Lady Mary

Finally, my triumphant return to visit Old Lady Mary. And guess what? I am no longer the star of this show. I kind of figured that would happen.

tuesday, november 23, 2010

tuesday, november 23, 2010

Click on each photo for more details of our outfits. Since Zinashi is now going with me each week, it's twice the fun and twice the posts. If you read our adoption blog as well, you'll see the same photos both here and there each week, with the post on the adoption blog being a little more Zinashi-centric (naturally).

In other news, 100% me-related (navel-gazer!), I cleared the breakfast dishes off the table at 2:49pm today. Progress! Aren't you proud?

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white girl said...

I love Zinashi's smile in the first picture. She has a blossoming flare for fashion. Taking after her mama ;)