Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Confessional

Sometimes when I buy chocolate as a gift for someone else, I have to go back and buy more because I eat what I bought. Such is the case today, but hey--I cleaned up pee and did pee laundry and PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE, an entire lake of pee beneath my toddler.

Also, I sometimes make my child a meal made up entirely of colorless foods.

mami, why is this lunch all beige?

While she is peeing on the floor.

Yes, that happened. Halfway through cutting up the banana, a little voice called out, "Mami! Shint-y dee schmetti!" ("Pee is coming," in sort-of-Amharic.) But pee wasn't coming, it had already arrived, down her legs, onto her socks, into her brand new shoes, into a giant puddle beneath her. You'd have thought she was a Great Dane or something.

So we changed everything she was wearing, and I mopped up the giant puddle, and when she was asleep, I started the pee laundry.

That's why I'm eating this Chocolove bar that I bought as a stocking stuffer for someone else. I think I earned it.

I'll get another one tomorrow.

And I'll try not to eat that one, too.

Because WOW these are good.

PS: Chocolove people, I will gladly be your spokesmodel if you'll provide me with a lifetime supply of these delicious chocolate bars.

PPS: And also maybe bigger pants.

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