Thursday, December 30, 2010

Setting My Intentions

The past eighteen months have been both exciting and draining for me, and I feel in retrospect as if my life were steered almost exclusively by making Zinashi's adoption a reality. I think we could easily refer to 2010 as The Year of Zinashi, and call that good. Because it is and was and will be. In 2011, I want to focus on enjoying the family we have created, while at the same time recognizing in the back of my mind that there is someone else for whom to prepare. Some of it is out of my hands; much of it is within my reach, at least in terms of practicalities.

One gift that spending a month in Ethiopia gave me is that I recognize how much I have materially. And while I have still gone out and gotten some clothes that I really didn't need, my lust for stuff has been tempered somewhat. But it's hard in our culture to just cut out something that every woman supposedly loves to do. Still, I'm going to try it. For 2011, I will not be purchasing any new clothes or shoes. I want to recognize that I have not only enough, but more than enough. I want to let go of the feeling that newer is better and that some certain item will make me more attractive/desirable/happy. And I want to save some money so that when we're ready in our hearts for The Year of Evelina*, we'll be ready financially.

Doing this alone will not make a huge financial difference--it's not like I'm going on shopping sprees on a regular basis or something--but I find that when I get something in order in one area of my life, other changes often follow. I'm open to whatever comes up. It's going to be a good year. A very, very good year.

*Yes, I already chosen a name for our next child. I'm ridiculous. I know that already.

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Liz said...

Happy New Year! Can't wait to find out just how good 2011 is for you and your family!