Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apparently I Also Need to Work Out my Memory

Every single time I start a new workout or eating plan, this same thing happens, and every single time, I end up googling it and finding the same articles, but it is never until I see those same articles that I realize that oh, yes, right: this has happened before. Before I start to get trimmer, I get reeeeeeeally bloated. Everywhere. Probably even in my eyelids, though there's nothing that has to zip or button over those, so it's not as obvious. I am a giant mass of puffiness, and there isn't anything to be done about it except keep doing the new thing, knowing that eventually it works itself out. And knowing, too, that the next time I fall off the workout or nutrition wagon and try to get back on (which, let's face it, the amount of Nutella I've been consuming indicates that I'm not on the nutrition wagon at this point in time), it will happen all over again.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing jersey knits. You can call me Yoga Pant Mom, and it will simply be the truth.

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white girl said...

Can you post some of these links where you find this information? Maybe that's why my friends all think I've gotten fatter. It's the fault of the exercise!