Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dental Wonder

Despite the snowy weather, this morning I showed up for my dental appointment with family in tow. Zinashi eyed what they were doing (just a cleaning) and declined the offer to make an appointment for her. Thanks to a fairly terrifying medical procedure that's fairly common in Ethiopia, I doubt she'll want to open her mouth wide for any procedure at any office that looks even remotely medical. I, however, submit to my cleaning and accept the praise my dentist doles out at the end, about how the tartar buildup on my lower teeth really isn't my fault, because clearly the rest of my mouth looks perfect. I win at oral hygiene!

Which, fine, isn't really something to go bragging about, but I needed to feel competent in some area of my life. I've had all too many nights lately begin with me asking Jarod what Groupons we have for dinner, and then when I do cook, I can't seem to do the dishes in a timely manner. And let's not talk about the rest of the house. It's too depressing.

They say (and I really can't even tell you who "they" are, since there are so many of them, and I am too lazy overwhelmed to link to all) that it feels better after you've been home with your child six months, and then at nine months it's like something just clicks, and you can do it. This gives me a smidge of hope, but then I look around my house and can't imagine when I'll figure out how to get it clean the way I want it to be clean. And forget about the basement. Zinashi received a playmat for Christmas, to be used in the basement, but unfortunately, it did not come with a professional organizer to help me get things in order down there.

What frustrates me most is that I can take care of these things myself; honestly, I do not need anyone to tell me where to put things in my own basement, and I am a perfectly competent cook and housekeeper. It's just that I run out of time, or energy, or motivation, or all three, and then all hope is lost. If the current trend continues, we will drown in a mountain of stuff, as if we are hoarders, when the truth is that I'd really love to give away/recycle/throw out a whole lot of this clutter, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. It's enough to just get through the day to day tasks, to not become complete slobs who should just go ahead and hang out a sign that says VERMIN WELCOME HERE, LOTS OF CRUMBS AVAILABLE.

So when my dentist says that I'm doing an excellent job with my teeth, well, I'm thrilled. I won't walk away from the praise. If all else fails, and they have to dig us out from under piles of junk mail and empty Annie's Bunny Grahams packets and a kajillion empty frappuccino bottles, at least I can come out smiling, and you'll see those pearly whites just gleam.


Jennifer said...

hey, what are you doing stealing my blog post?
no, I didn't , but I very well could have written this myself.
I had to LOL at how much I related to the part about not being able to get more than basic things done, and then not always those! and then feeling like a loser doofus.
I can't articulate the difference, aince you've had kids in your care plenty before, but I do think at least some of that is part of having the little people with you 24/7.

Congrats on your dental achievements. I wish I could say the same!! My chronically receding gums are betraying some kind of problem in their care, I wish I knew what it was!

Liz said...

What "they" say is mostly right...it got slightly better at six months, and then better and better after that...but I have taken a major step backwards due to the holidays. It's more realistic to think of it as a two steps forward, one (or two) step(s) back kind of process...

white girl said...

One thing that shocked me about motherhood is how emotionally exhausting everything is, even taking out the garbage. The thought of cleaning one dish would send me to the couch for a nap. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and just do nothing because I was just so tired in my heart from giving out so much. Give yourself some slack. You are doing great. You really are! One day, just as "they" say, something will click and you'll feel "normal" again.

Jesse Hake said...

There are only a handful of people who'd be able to say that they have less tartar/cavity build up than others. But I don't believe that this is the only thing you are good at..We are all unique, and we have our own talents that we can be proud of. All you have to do is believe that you can be good at something.