Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Alone, Blathering on About My Workout

Jarod needed to return some Christmas presents, and he took Zinashi with him. Isn't that nice? It's so nice. I should probably bake him some cookies or something; I haven't done that in awhile. For now, though, I'm sitting at the desk in my sweaty workout clothes with a cat holding down my lap. And it's nice. So nice.

So about those sweaty workout clothes...I got my Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio DVD in the mail on Saturday and started doing it yesterday. Today is Day 2. And it's hard, but in a good way. I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this with traditional workout videos, but there are always a good number of times during the workout that I just feel heavy. Usually it's during some crazy jumping move in which I'm supposed to start in plank and then end up upright, but sometimes it's just doing something normal. I might be carrying some extra pounds, but not that many, and this always discouraged me and made me not want to do the workout. I'd think with dread about all those exercises during which the entire weight of my body would be pulled towards the earth with the force of super special exercise gravity, and it made me want to just use that gravity to adhere myself more firmly to my chair.

This workout, though, is just dancing. Whatever heaviness I feel is only a result of being aware of the extra mass I'm carrying (because I can feel it, which I know is probably a little neurotic of me, but it's just...there--I can't really explain the feeling any other way) and not because I'm trying to get my usual mass plus the little extra from a prone position to standing in one not-so-fluid movement. Which is not to say that the new workout isn't fraught with my clumsy mistakes, but it's different. I get better at it every time I do it. That part is incredibly rewarding, plus dancing is really fun. Add to that the fact that the cardio work required to dance that enthusiastically is significant, and we have a winner of a workout. I say this only having fully learned one dance of the eight (eight! a challenge for Clumsy McTripperton!) and having started the second one, but if the other dances are like these, the workout will move really fast, and that's always a good thing. I abhor treadmills partly because I get so bored (and partly because I sometimes fall off), so anything that will move fast for me is good. What really seals the deal, though, is that Tracy doesn't talk about anything but the dance combinations while she is giving instruction, and then when you actually do the workout with the dances up to speed, she says nothing. NOTHING! No negative body image talk, no "get ripped abs" nonsense, nothing. I can do it with Zinashi in the room and not be sending an endless stream of body perfection crap to her young ears.

After reading a ton of reviews, I did decide to order the companion DVD (or maybe I have that backwards--I think the other one is the main one, and this is the cardio companion, but whatever), which is a mat workout. People either love or hate these, it seems, but I'm not looking for the perfect workout for everyone, just something that will work for me. Most of the people with my body type who reviewed it had a positive experience. Some others did not. Personal trainers in particular seem to take issue with this DVD (though none of them that reviewed it--NONE--had actually done the workout), and one went so far as to say that you should work with heavier weights and do more weight training so that you can carry your kids and your groceries without hurting yourself. I find this hilarious, because guess what? I carried my kid and my groceries without hurting myself when I wasn't working out at all. And do you know how I trained myself to carry my kid and groceries, and kept that level of fitness up? By carrying my kid and my groceries. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't require an internet certification course either. I have a certain fitness level because of the things I do every day. I'm not looking for a workout that will make me herculean, just one that will keep my fitness level up for the sake of my health.

And frankly, yes, I would like my pants to fit a little better. If you'll recall, I'm not buying new ones until 2012, and there's that aforementioned extra mass hanging about. So I'll give the two Tracy Anderson DVDs a go and see how I do. So far, so good.


Christan said...

Good luck with your new Tracy cardio workout! I love her videos! I do her method 1-3 hours everyday. You will see results fast. :)

white girl said...

I think the important thing is to find a form of exercise that makes you want to do it. I hate, hate, hate running. I tried to run because all the cool kids are doing it, but then I finally admitted to myself that I'm not cool. I never hit the "zone" that runners talk about. I hated every. single. second.

I'm glad you found something fun that is also beneficial to your fitness! I'll have to check these videos out! They sound like fun :)