Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I'm a Little Bit Slow

For a few weeks now I've been laying out a week's worth of outfits for Zinashi, tucked neatly in her bottom drawer, and if I remember, I pull out the next day's outfit at bedtime. (If not, I stumble in bleary-eyed in the morning after Zinashi comes repeatedly to the bedside yelling, "Clothes! CLOTHES!") And for the most part, she looks fabulous every single day. Because I laid everything out ahead of time, when I had time, when I wasn't rushed or stressed out.

It took me until today to figure out that I could do the same for myself.

But now! Outfits are hung neatly in the closet--not quite a week's worth, since the weather forecast isn't reliable for that long, but enough to get me through to another day when I can lay more out, unhurried and unstressed. I intend to look somewhat fabulous every single day. Starting tomorrow. Because today? Right now? I am still wearing my pajamas.

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