Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kansas City to Houston to Austin to Houston to...Sleep, I Hope

We've driven to Texas to spend the week visiting friends and family, and so far it's going great except for the part where Zinashi and I both miss sleeping in our own house. Also I miss cooking our meals. But it's been good to get away from the horrible winter weather Kansas City is experiencing right now, and I have struggled to keep from bragging about wearing sleeveless shirts.

We've not done anything super exciting, but we've had some really great time to just hang out with friends, and we've taken two trips to IKEA, and Zinashi got to live the dream of pretending to drive a car while sitting in the driver's seat of actual cars, so I think we can consider this trip a success.

We drive back on Monday. I'll likely have more to say after that. Enjoy your weekend.


Anonymous said...

You picked a great week to leave Missouri! The weather here has been quite nasty. Looks like you've had fun. :) Looking forward to seeing you next week.
Love you!

white girl said...

Zinashi has big dreams for such a tender age - and to see such a great dream come to pass so early on - she's one lucky girl! What kind of car was it, btw? It looks like one of those jungle trekker kind of veehickles.