Friday, February 18, 2011

Moving on Up...or...Somewhere

I'm starting to feel a little manic about our house. We had a realtor come by today to tell us what we need to do to get it ready to sell, and then he recommended putting it on the market in April and ACK! THE BASEMENT! IS FULL OF CRAP! I have never been so ready to let go of things I was unsure about parting with. Here, take this! And this! And this other thing! If you come over, I might shove something at you and make you take it home. Would you like this nice serving piece that is shaped like fall leaves and comes with a lazy susan? Say yes!

As much as I have complained about it over the years, I will miss this house, and I think that particularly once we have everything all fixed up properly, it will be really hard to let go. That and the fact that we brought our daughter home to this house, and it is where we built our first bit of family life in the US. I've also poured a lot of time and thought and energy into making this house what it is, and it is very much my house now. (As opposed to being a messy bachelor pad that I endured in the beginning--Jarod has pretty much let me It's hard not to mourn something that I've worked so hard on.

The part of all this that I'm not mentioning is why we are selling, which is that we're hoping for a new job for Jarod in another city. He doesn't have one yet, but we would rather know the house is sold and have to figure out what to do in the meantime than to suddenly have a job on the coast and be stuck with a mortgage for a house we don't live in. It's smarter this way, even if it might be trickier. I do hate to uproot Zinashi more times than is necessary, but looking at the bigger picture, in which we are making a better life for her (and creating more room for completing our family), we know this is a good thing to do. We're just going to trust that it will work out as it's meant to, and in the meantime, work our tails off for the entire month of March. I'm pretty sure Jarod is terribly excited about that.

I, personally, am excited about making enough money selling our crap to afford one chair.

I'm sure I can make enough more to pay for the second one, which is already sitting in our garage.

(Yes, I did buy both. What? There were only two left that were in decent shape.)

(And also we got a new desk.)


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