Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hear Me Roar

Yesterday was International Women's Day, but I was too busy being a woman to write about it. No, really. I started off early by taking Jack and Mary Liz for our monthly breakfast, then popped by the grocery store on the way home. From there it was just one thing after another, including our usual Old Lady Mary visit, and Jarod had to work a late-ish shift, so Zinashi was all mine until shortly after 9pm. By that time, I had a raging tension headache, so all was lost aside from zoning out to something on Netflix and self-medicating with chamomile tea. I did spend a lot of the day thinking about what it means to be a woman (no, really, corny but true), and how I continually feel like I am expected to do something other than make a home and be a mother, while at the same time feeling that there's little room for anything else at this moment. Frankly, I don't really mind not having some other career plan or some longing to do more than be good at what I'm doing right now. I feel like I should, but I don't. I have room for improvement as the mother and housewife, so it's not like my life is without challenge. Today I organized the downstairs shelf we use as a pantry, and it made me feel accomplished. What else do I need in life? I do love this piece, as it expresses so much of what I feel and why I make the choices I do in regards to what we buy, eat, and otherwise consume as a family. It's not just about us and about our little family, and I hope to raise our daughter to be the kind of woman that will take what we've done one step, or a thousand steps, farther.

If I were clever, I would insert a video of Zinashi roaring here, but she is sleeping, and I'd prefer to hit publish on this before it's two days late. I'm dangerously close to that line now. See? Always room for improvement in my current situation. Maybe next year, my International Women's Day post will be on time.

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