Friday, March 04, 2011

I Have No Brain, and Therefore No Title for This Post

Apparently, after a week of vacation, I need a week of vacation to recover. Not that I would exactly call our trip a vacation--it was more geared towards spending time with people and soaking up some warmer weather--but re-entry into life has been a little bumpy. I guess I didn't realize how tired taking Zinashi into multiple public restrooms every day for a week would make me. Downside to having a daughter as opposed to a son: I'm on bathroom duty when we're out, and if we're "out" for a week, then I'm on bathroom duty for a week. Including when we are following someone else to another destination and stop too late for Zinashi to make it to a toilet. Yes, that happened, and no, it wasn't just pee. Sorry, Starbucks in I'm-not-sure-where, Texas, for the underwear and wipes that caused a bit of an unpleasant aroma in your bathroom. I tried to minimize it, I swear!

(Parenthood is just as glamorous as you imagine it is--get yourself a kid today!)

There's also the issue of trying to get our house in good shape to contend with, and I'll confess right now that I seem capable of doing only one extra thing per day without feeling like I need a nap. Today I put together our new desk and rearranged the art on our walls; I should probably either take two naps or have a third coffee. Or get take-out for dinner.

I do get a certain amount of satisfaction from getting this place ship-shape. It's becoming the house I always dreamt it could be, and it's a shame that we're only getting around to doing this because we'd like to sell it. I guess that's how these things go, and the good news is that we'll be taking far less stuff to our next place, which will hopefully lead to that place becoming the house (or apartment) I always dreamt of.

For now, though, let's just enjoy this photo of the daughter I always dreamt of.

our happy girl

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white girl said...

You may not think that you make parenthood look stylin', but you are doing a great work with Zinashi! Look at that fashionista! The hat! The bow! The pearls!!