Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Randomness, Just Like Always

Zinashi and I are having a lazy day. I've pulled a chair for her up to the desk, and she is coloring with pens (big stuff, since I usually have her use crayons or washable markers) while I dink around on the internet. I've swapped out jeans for pajama pants. I am pretending all those dirty dishes in the kitchen just don't exist. It's been a really nice morning.


My favorite handbag, the only one that was really working as a carrier of all of our stuff, has finally bitten the dust. I'm sure that someone handy will be able to fix what needs fixing and give it the necessary cleaning attention, but I can't seem to take all the trash out of our car, let alone vacuum out a handbag that also needs leather bits stitched back together. I've carried that bag since 2006; I don't think that's too short a time to warrant a decent replacement. A really decent replacement. I've never had a nice purse. Mine always come from Target or some discount shoe store or Old Navy clearance. So I've asked for this. I know that technically it's a diaper bag, and we are not using diapers, but it's just my style, and has the added benefit of turning into a backpack when we need it to (I'm thinking of the CT/NYC trip we're planning this summer). I would love to be the girl who can just grab a clutch and leave the house, but I am terrible at remembering all the little things when I'm going a specific place, so I really prefer to just always have Zinashi's kit and my reusable bags with me. It will be so nice to have a bag that is just what I want instead of something I found cheap that doesn't really work, that I eventually pass on to my mom. (Yes, this is what I do. If I'd just skipped purchasing all those handbags I eventually passed on to my mother, I would have more than enough to purchase this bag, without having to tweak the budget.) (But then my mom wouldn't have so many lovely bags, so...I guess someone still wins in this situation.)


Of all the years to go without purchasing new clothes, this may be the perfect pairing of both the best and the worst. On the one hand, our budget is a lot more limited than it used to be, so it's good not to be tempted by every pretty shirt that comes along. On the other hand, it appears that the five or so pounds that I've gained since Zinashi came home are going to be around for awhile, and there's nothing that will make a girl feel chubby like pants that don't fit quite right. I'm pretty sure I could come to terms with my current body size and shape, if only my tummy weren't threatening to muffin top right over the waist of some of my trousers the moment I sit down. I'm starting to wonder if Spanx count as clothes, and if not, should I just buy some? Or should I keep trying to exercise more, even though it's truly more trouble than it's worth to me at this point? I don't know the answers to those questions. I'd really like to keep to my resolution to not purchase new clothes or shoes, but I'd also like to be comfortable and attractive. Pajama pants do work well for that first part, but they're not that attractive, particularly since most of them were purchased, um...a long time ago. On post-holiday clearance (mostly Halloween--lots of owls and black cats over here). Oh, well.

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