Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recipes and Craziness

First up, two recipes that are rocking my sort-of vegan world.

1. Magic Sauce. I'm dying to put it on salad, but so far have been using it on pasta. I saute some mediterranean vegetables (yes, the frozen bag from Whole Foods--it's my current favorite shortcut since nothing is really in season right now) and spinach (also frozen) with salt, pepper, a bit of Melissa's Chile Seasoning, and some ginger, toss some linguine with toasted sesame oil and rice wine vinegar, combine veg and pasta with Magic Sauce and voila! A dinner we all enjoy. Zinashi keeps insisting on picking out all the bits of squash and green beans, but when some of it passes her lips without being seen, she doesn't notice. I keep putting it in her bowl, trusting that someday she'll accept all the vegetable deliciousness.

2. Homemade Nutella. We eat it on our toast every morning. I'm sorry if you find this alarming, but I miss butter, and I really cannot eat toast with just jam. Our vegan breakfast compromise was to keep eating eggs or oats cooked with milk, but everything else would be vegan. And homemade nutella is vegan. Brilliant. I've made vegan muffins, but this is just so much more satisfying.

It should also be noted, as part of sort-of-vegan news, that I have fallen off the one-coffee-per-week wagon. I...could do better. That's really all there is to say about that.


We had our six month post placement visit with our social worker on Monday, and I've not yet managed to blog it on our adoption blog because we've had other things to say. But I will. What I want to say about it here is that the six month mark is when you can start paperwork for your next adoption, and while in the past I couldn't imagine wanting to do that, now I suddenly understand the people that do. Because if we felt that Zinashi were ready for a sibling, and if we had enough funds, I would probably want to start again now. Which is downright ridiculous, honestly, since I still don't have Zinashi's US birth certificate (thank you, State of Missouri, for not understanding the international adoption process and requiring paperwork that is redundant), which I need to get her new Certificate of Citizenship in her new name and then to get her new Social Security card in her new name, and then to get her passport in her new name. But I don't know...Zinashi does want to have a sister; we've talked about it. And I do see changes in our future that would make it harder to get some of the paperwork done (moving, eventually). So this is just my wish thrown out there. I'd like to start again, possibly sooner rather than later. If you want to buy me a lottery ticket or enter the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes on behalf of our second child, please go right ahead. Also if you'd like to talk my husband into it, that would be great, too.

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