Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sneak Peek

Two days ago, FedEx delivered a box to our door that was clearly marked with the Petunia Pickle Bottom logo. I held off for two whole days before asking Jarod if I could just open it up and make sure they sent the right one. After all, the bag I wanted sold out rather quickly. Do you wonder why? It's just so cute! Of course it sold out in short order.

Luckily, that beautiful bag is what was in the box. Now I just have to wait a month to use it.

Would it be weird if I admitted that I caress the box a little every time I walk by it in the basement? Because I don't. I mean, not really. It's more like a kindly little tap. Because what if my bag is lonely and needs to know that I'm thinking of it?

I am far too excited about having a really nice bag of my very own.

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