Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still a Cat Lady

Everyone told me that when I had kids, I'd stop caring so much about my cats. Um. Well. They certainly get less attention from me personally than they used to, but I won't say that my level of caring about them has diminished. And one of the greatest stress relievers I know of is still giving this cat a good stretch.

prefers birds as snacks

She'll stretch her front paws all the way up in the air, and stretch her back ones as far as they will reach, stretching her toes apart at the end. Then she will hang like a limp noodle and let me do as I wish, which usually means that I put her through a series of contortions that I've named things like "Dancing on the Ceiling" and "Ice Capades" and "Scarf!" She's kind of a pain in the rear sometimes, but I forgive her because she's just so great otherwise.

One of the most annoying things she does is to meow at Zinashi's door when I'm trying to get Zinashi to sleep; usually I will get her and lock her in the bathroom when she does this, but today I decided not to bother since I was at an interesting place in my book. She meowed for a bit, then it was quiet. When I finally exited Zinashi's room, I found she'd put herself in the bathroom and curled up to sleep. Equal parts annoying (the meowing at the door part) and endearing. This is what I try to remember when something I like gets broken by her wild, random exertions.

On Sunday, Zinashi and I arrived home after being gone all day, and the first thing I noticed was a broken tchotchke. And then another. And then another. There were broken bits of nostalgia all over the house, and I was more than a little peeved. I wandered about, picking up bits of things and trying to decide if I could salvage them with superglue, cursing Lucy's nature all the while, until I noticed the bird droppings. Every place there were broken things, there were also bird droppings.

How a bird got into our house I've no idea, but as far as I know, it never exited. We found one tiny feather, and that was all. I guess Lucy had a snack...a snack she had to chase all over the house. I'd call her a little stinker, but how can I blame her? It's probably the most thrilling thing that's ever happened to her in her whole life.

lucy wants a belly rub

I guess I'll forgive her and move on, just hoping I don't find anymore bird poop in my house.

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