Thursday, April 28, 2011


I bought a pair of shoes today. I don't plan on wearing them unless the rest of my flats wear out before the end of the year, but if you saw the heel portion of the rest of my flats, you'd understand why I bought a pair that cost a mere $5.64 as a bit of insurance. You might also laugh at my worry that I won't have appropriate footwear for our vacation, which is in...October. What? I need to look somewhat fashionable on the French Riviera*. Don't look at me that way. Now I am certain of having at least two pairs of flats to pair with my dresses, because I set aside that other pair that I bought in the last week of 2010. And if you're wondering why I need more than one pair of shoes for vacation, let me just say that we walk a lot when we are in France. And when you walk a lot, your feet sweat. And if you wear the same pair of shoes every day, it's not pretty. I know this from experience.

I am trying to feel a little bit bad about breaking my commitment, but I just can't muster it. I am hard on shoes, and I know that, and I didn't really think about it before I decided on my 2011 shoe and clothing fast. When I stopped buying things for a year before, I had a lot more quality shoes in my collection to start with. Apparently now I only buy crap shoes, so they're all going to crap.

Besides the financial aspect, another purpose of this year was to recognize my own wealth in terms of clothes and to come away with an honest look at what I really wear and use. I've discovered that I wear the same four stripey shirts much of the time, that the really cheap Forever 21 jeans that I bought are surprisingly comfortable, and that none of my leggings stay up properly (which is the curse of having a long torso). I realize that I miss having a nicely tailored pair of trouser jeans and that I really am too lazy busy to iron most of the time. In 2012, I see a return to jersey knits and a trip to The Gap, not to mention a perusal of all the nice flats that Zappos has to offer.

For now, though, I'll just tuck my new shoes into the closet and hope I don't need to wear them before the year is out.

*If I can figure out how to purchase the plane tickets, that is. Would anyone like to buy a kidney?

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