Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Great Caketastrophe of 2011

So we had a little birthday party for Zinashi. Her assigned birthday is Wednesday, and we wanted to do a fun little something with family and the kids she knows well (three total). Even with limiting the number and having a few people unable to attend, there were still twenty people in our house. Which was just fine. I don't think anyone ended up in the emergency room due to a claustrophobic incident, and Zinashi didn't seem too bothered by so many people at once, though it did wear her out. It wore me out. Or the preparations did, at least. It would help if I hadn't had to make two cakes, one of which will primarily be eaten by coworkers of my husband when I force him to take it with him to work tomorrow. (Given the option, I would eat cake and only cake all day, so I am removing the cake option.)

I set out to make a rabbit cake like I'd made before, but using my delicious chocolate cake recipe which everyone loves. Such a cake would look like this:

Hoppy Easter!

But it turns out that even if you modify your delicious chocolate cake recipe to be similar in egg and flour content to the recipe that came with the rabbit cake pan, your rabbit may end up decapitated. Like this:

it was getting so cute until the head fell off

Which ultimately isn't good for photos and/or video of your small child blowing out her birthday candles. So you'll dash into Target and buy an alternate rabbit pan, then stay up past midnight making an inferior cake that looks like this:

the boring replacement cake

The day after the party, you'll be so tired that you will see small bits of chocolate cake ground into your dining room floor and go, "Oh. Huh." And you won't bother to clean it up at all.

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white girl said...

Did you use the decapitated bunny cake to make cake pops?
I'm sorry it fell apart! You rebound well, though! I'm impressed! I would have cancelled the party, but you went out and got a new pan and got that bunny did! Good on you, Mama!