Monday, May 23, 2011

I Need to Be Getting Things Done

But here I sit, blogging, reading other people's blogs, generally not getting things done. I guess I need something to do while I finish eating this banana that Zinashi did not finish eating at lunch. I get the majority of my midday calories from two sources: coffee drinks (I prefer the mocha variety, homemade from leftover morning coffee, or from a coffee shop if I'm lucky and feeling rich) and things Zinashi leaves on her plate. It is very rare that I make myself lunch. The morning's toast with nutella, minus one bite, and random fruit bits are my favorites, but I'll settle for some stale crackers and slightly warm cheese. I'm not picky.

The big excitement around here is that we are closer to moving than ever, and while it's not a guarantee, it does get us farther down that path than we've ever been, and that means that I must divulge our house of everything that we will not take with us if/when we move. My goal is to take a bag or box out every day and bring nothing new in. Not even if it's a good deal! Put down that adorable vintage lamp, Mary! No one cares that it only costs $8! This should actually be the narrative for my life, not just for my life when we might be moving. I so want to pass on good financial habits to Zinashi, and to live life more as a person and less as a consumer, but it's hard when things are so pretty.

The most difficult task is going through Zinashi's stash of stuff. There are two problems: 1) that she remembers every single thing that she is given, and 2) that a lot of the things I think are fabulous are not the things she thinks are fabulous. We need to find middle ground between Pillow Pets and wooden puzzles, giant plastic dollhouses and the IKEA abacus. Some things I'm sure she won't remember, and then I take them to Goodwill only to have her ask about them a week later. But I'm tired of having an extra room's worth of stuff that belongs to her, and we just can't keep it all. A lot of things will get "lost in the move," if you know what I'm saying.

I'm excited, no matter what happens. Even getting this far means that we are on our way towards something new, and so I'm going to take it as a good sign that we are closer to our goal every time we reach for it. It feels like we just keep waiting on the same things, and see little movement, but it's there. Little plants start growing beneath the surface of the earth before you see the green shoots, and I'm trusting that that's what's happening here. We're moving forward. We're growing. We're going to see things happen, and soon.


Which means I'd better get back to work in the basement.

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