Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been treating our family blog like it's my job, and that's been really satisfying. If you spend any time over there, you might notice that there are some ads hanging out at the top and on the sidebar. We're pretty excited about those, mostly because they came in conjunction with an invitation to be part of the publisher community at Daily Buzz Moms. And because we're making a little money. Not a ton, or even what might be considered reasonable for the amount of time I spend writing posts, but I would write regardless, so it's nice to be making enough for a cheapo pedicure or an evening of skipping cooking and having a little Jimmy John's out on our porch once a month. It's great to have the incentive of having my writing featured elsewhere along with making a little bit from ads if people like it and decide to come back to our site. It gives me that little extra push I need to write the posts I want to write and to produce quality content on a regular basis. Right now I require myself to post over there every week day, and if I've got something to say on the weekends, I'll post then, too. It's made me better at making notes when I think of something I want to share and prompted me to share even when I think, "Maybe no one will want to read this." Well, no one has to read anything, and maybe they will want to read some silly little thing I want to post. So that's all good.

It's funny, though, after blogging here for so long, to find that the blog that is doing well is the one that I started for the sole purpose of keeping people in the loop about our adoption. I guess there are surprises around every turn, and you either rise to meet the circumstances and opportunities or lose out on what could be really great because you have some idea of how it should have gone. I will continue to write here, as I still feel like it's a space that gives me an outlet for things I wouldn't necessarily think are a good fit for our family blog, but I will write more over there. Which is all to say: if you want to read more of what I'm writing and haven't made the trip over to Finding Magnolia, you might want to do it now.

Happy Thursday, remaining readers of my poor little personal blog.

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Jennifer said...

I'm still a remaining reader! I don't follow my blog ring except once a weekish now, and not necessarily that.

But here I am! A member of the Remnant Reader Club! :)

So glad about your return to running as well... so cool... I know what that feels like, to get back to something you love and that you feel is part of you and who you are, that gets neglected for a season.
Smiles for you for this!