Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Three Things

I maybe read about this yesterday and started doing it today. Like a crazy person. I might have sighed when I looked at my French press and knew I wouldn't be making myself coffee laced with chocolate syrup and half and half this morning, but we can overlook that. And maybe I went to Trader Joe's after we saw Old Lady Mary so I could get some actual fruits and vegetables to put in our house because we didn't really have any. (Shameful!)

Actually, I'll just go right ahead and blame the opening of a Trader Joe's in my city--within walking distance, no less--for this little fiasco. I couldn't afford all the stuff I need to eat on this plan if it weren't for Trader Joe's. But there they are, and things are cheaper, and I do love those freeze dried blueberries, so I'm just giving this a go. I've been eating too many lunches comprised only of cookies and/or chocolates, and I need to reset. It usually takes something a bit severe to get me back on track. I'm not so good at moderation.

So we'll see. I'm not making any promises or calling this a goal or anything of that nature. I'm just saying that I decided to try it, so I'm going to try it, and if it works out, that would be great. Thirty days isn't that long, right?


I can't afford to have my hair cut by trained professionals, so I bought a Groupon to have it cut by people who are training to become professionals. I figure that hair grows, and they are supervised by an instructor, so it's not like I'll end up with a mullet or something. Included in the cost of the Groupon is a spa mani-pedi. If you could see my feet right now, you'd understand why this is a very good thing.


Our adoption tax credit is supposedly on the way, so we can pay off our adoption debts and start planning a little trip. We thought we'd get the credit fairly quickly, and then would save for the trip, but that didn't work out. So now we've paid as much on our debt as plane tickets would cost, so we'll just book those as soon as we get the credit and a good flight deal comes along.

We are anxious to start saving for our next adoption, but we'd like to take Zinashi on a trip first, a special time for the three of us. We're doing our usual, and going to London (briefly, unless we find a very cheap place to stay) and Nice. I know a lot of people will think we're spendthrift nuts, but we like grocery shopping in France! With the right plane ticket deal, it's not much more expensive than a trip stateside in which we'd need to stay in a hotel and purchase our meals out. We sacrifice a lot of other small things to get to do this, and it is totally worth it to us. We can't wait to take Zinashi to the beach and out for gelato.

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