Monday, July 25, 2011


It turns out that I'm doing okay with my Whole30. Today is the seventh day. What I like about it is that my eating is very straightforward. Scrambled eggs and green tea for breakfast. Salad with fruit and nuts and homemade vinaigrette for lunch. Meat and veg for dinner. Hard-boiled eggs and fruit/nut mix for snacks. What I don't like about it is that eating isn't very much fun. Can I say that? I know a lot of people sing the praises of the flavors! And the purity! Whereas I'm thinking, "I wouldn't mind having something to eat that excites me." But excitement isn't the point, is it? I've got a sugar habit to kick and some topical acne medications to cut back on.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that my clothes which were too tight are fitting ever-so-slightly better after just a week of this nonsense. If you go from lots of very sugary coffee drinks and cookies for lunch to no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, no grains, no alcohol, you're going to lose weight; it's not rocket science. And I'd love to say that the prospect of fitting back into my pants isn't what motivates me to keep going with this for another week, but it is. It would be a dream to stop using so much acne medication, but if it's a choice between chocolate coffee with cream and not needing vast quantities of benzoyl peroxide gel, I'd gladly just keep rubbing in the zit cream.

I do notice that my energy seems to be more even throughout the day, and I never ever get heartburn or feel that overly full feeling. I do like both of those benefits. But still, given the chance, I'd probably dive head first into an iced mocha. I'm hoping by the end of thirty days that impulse will be a little less pronounced. We'll see.


holly said...

that sounds really interesting, and i may have to try something like that out...however i would have a hard time giving up legumes, as i love nuts and beans. but i think maybe my next step is cutting out sugar completely, and seeing how far that gets me. did you buy the guide they were selling on the site? i'm curious, but not curious enough to purchase yet... good luck with this, hope it works out for you! keep us posted on your progress! :)

marymuses said...

As of today, Day 11, it's still going well. Turns out it's totally doable! Who knew? Not me! I had serious doubts!

We ate a lot of beans before, but it's been surprisingly easy to do without. As for nuts, you can still have tree nuts, but peanuts are out. I eat a lot of pecans and walnuts and some almonds. I do miss peanut butter, at least in theory. I'm thinking of trying almond butter, but on what? I no longer eat bread. I could smear it on a banana, I guess.

I didn't purchase the guide because we were completely broke when I started this. I'm probably doing a lot of things wrong, but I'm doing enough right that I'm getting results, so that's fine with me. This morning I noticed that my acne scarring, as in four years worth of acne scarring that I was told would not go away, is healing. For that reason alone, the Whole30 has been completely worth it.

Elli Faherty said...

That's great you are having success!! It does seem like a plan that would hard to do long-term. My body would miss some things like brown rice, cheese, and beans, etc... But- cutting the sugar is SO key. Recently I was feeling "bloppy"- that's how I would describe just having a little too much dough around the middle- which did seem odd to me because I don't eat a lot of sugar, I cook from whole foods, and am a trim person. I couldn't figure it out! So I tried "The Belly Cure." I didn't buy the book or follow the meal plans, I just followed the basic idea that in order to keep a trim middle, your insulin has to be at the right level which takes getting the correct combo of sugar and carbs. It worked like magic and didn't feel like a diet. There wasn't anything healthy I couldn't have- I just had to keep the right balance. Each day, I kept track on a while board in the kitchen how many sugars (from fruits, veggies, cream in my coffee or the occasional ice cream sandwich) and carbs (nuts, home made ezekiel bread rice, etc.) I have had in the day and just made sure I ate all the carbs and all the sugars and didn't go over. I actually found many days where I had so many left over (this was because I did cut out yogurt which is a big sugar item even when it's plain) and really needed to be eating more. There was a lot of freedom to eat. And as a person that often deals with low blood sugar and needs to eat constantly, I had such an amazing experience of feeling so level all the time! If overtime, you feel you want to add some things to your diet, check out the book from the library. I also could send you a pdf of the chart I got from the book to see what foods equal how many sugars and how many carbs. If you want it, let me know:
Good luck!! Glad you are feeling great!