Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Oh, hi. I am still doing that crazy thing wherein I don't eat any sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, or anything else delicious. In fact, that's exactly how I describe it when people ask why I'm not partaking of dessert. I go, "Oh, on a total whim one Tuesday, after reading about it the night before, I decided to give up eating everything delicious in hopes of curing my acne and my sugar cravings." Today is Day 15, and I am not going to lie to you: it is still kind of hard. It's probably feeling particularly hard right now because I just returned from Branson. Do you know what they have to eat in Branson, Missouri that is suitable for Whole30 consumption? NOTHING.

Okay, fine. They have eggs and fruit and salad bars. Still, I figured if I could tough it out through our annual Branson excursion with all the kiddos, I could tough it out through the rest of the thirty days. And I can.

Overall, this has been very good for me. I've used less and less benzoyl peroxide gel each night, and have yet to get even one zit. I've dropped all the weight I put on through two years of adoption paperwork and new motherhood, or at least I think I have, if my clothes are a good indicator of such things. I've been much better at staying hydrated, and I'm eating a TON more fruits and vegetables. I'm glad I'm doing it, even though I do miss a lot of small things. I miss grabbing an iced mocha when I head out to do errands by myself. I miss having a small chocolate something or other at the end of a taxing day. I miss having the option to have even a little treat. But I'm no good at moderation, so I'm going to ride out all thirty days and hope that at the end, I feel good enough and am used to eating this way enough that I won't backslide completely into six-cookie lunches.

We'll see.

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