Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Did It, and Then I Got to Have Coffee Again

I completed my Whole30 and am now adding things back in one by one to see how I'm affected. Turns out that I didn't completely obliterate my sugar cravings, but I managed to pick up more cravings for fruits and vegetables and the like, so there's more balance. I've been doing a little casual Googling as I add categories of foods back in, and what cracks me up most is all the posts where people are talking about how they ate too much fruit and they knew it and their lives are ending because it's just too much sweet food and they might die or something! Or be Whole30 failures! And that right there is why I didn't buy the success guide on offer; I don't want to know if I'm supposed to limit my fruit. People, please. I was eating six-cookie lunches and having pretty much no fruit at all on a regular basis. Give me another restriction, and I might smack you. Frankly, if the sweet I'm craving is the sweet of fruit, I'm really not going to worry about it. If someday I do worry about that sort of thing, I hope someone will smack me, and hard enough that it makes a sound.

I am loving having coffee again. I did a little research and decided that palm sugar is the way to go for sweetener, then laced it with a moderate amount of heavy cream. I'm still enjoying some of the Sidamo beans we brought back from Ethiopia (woe to us all when they are gone--WOE!), and it is so smooth and delicious that I am beside myself with pleasure each morning when I take my first sip. It tastes better than it ever did, and let me tell you, it tasted AWESOME before.

Now I proceed with the rest of my plan for adding things back in. Dairy gave me blemishes within twelve hours, no joke, and I only had two small slices of blueberry cheddar and a small glass of milk. Oh, dairy, we will meet again, but far less frequently than before. Because the reaction was so prompt, I went ahead and moved on to the next phase, sampling straight up sugar today. This is, incidentally, why I am still awake to write this. I had a giant dark chocolate iced mocha (made with almond milk, with thanks to Whole Foods for having non-dairy milk selections that are not all soy or grain-based), and then tonight I found a coffee crunch dark chocolate bar in the basement that I'd meant to give someone for Christmas, but had slipped off the pile of gifts I'd put by the stairs. I brushed the cobwebs off and ate half of it, discovering partway through the mouthgasm I was experiencing after a month off chocolate that the "coffee crunch" portion was just bits of espresso beans. Whoops. Someday I'll be sleepy again...I think.

I'm pretty sure the extent of my sugar issues are related to crashing hard when it wears off and becoming bloated in a most unattractive fashion. I'm going to consider that trial done as well and move on to the next round. Tomorrow I'll give it a bit of a rest from reintroduction during the day and have a bit of injera at dinnertime to kick off the grain tryouts. Because it's a fermented grain product, the effects will be less than straight up grain flour, so it will be Sunday a the earliest that I'll truly test the grain waters. I'm planning on going big with a buttery croissant*. The reaction later may or may not be pleasant, but for the moment I'm taking a bite, I'm sure it will be divine.

It's good to be done(ish).

*Because butter and heavy cream contain fewer milk proteins than other dairy products, there's generally very little reaction to those. Ideally, butter should be clarified to remove remaining milk proteins, and heavy cream should be limited, but did you get the part about my former six-cookie lunch habit? I think I'm not going to worry about a splash or two of deliciousness in my coffee each morning or butter used to bake a croissant.

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