Monday, August 15, 2011

I Have a Plan

I am resisting the urge to give thoughts about my Whole30 until I have finished AND reintroduced foods. All I really know right now is that I no longer need any acne medication. None. This from the girl who was spending ten minutes every night just rubbing in benzoyl peroxide gel. So the big goal of reintroduction is figuring out what the acne trigger is. If it's dairy, I already know that the occasional ice cream or frozen custard will absolutely be worth the benzoyl peroxide application. Not nightly, mind you, but just when I decide to partake. If it's grains, I'm not sure what I'll decide. Probably that some treats are worth it, and some I can figure out how to make myself without grains.

So the plan is to reintroduce dairy first on Thursday, then sugar on Friday or Saturday, then grains next week. One grain at a time. If dairy is fine, I'll likely just cook up some breakfast oats with milk and see how I do, and if that seems good to go, I'll grab a wheat-laden something or other later in the week, followed by something with corn. I'm fairly certain that brown rice is not causing my acne, so I'll not make a big deal out of that one. And as for the legumes category, well, that will probably just happen when I eat something with peanut butter or go out for Mexican food. Potatoes are the only other remaining forbidden food, and those were due to not being nutrient dense, so I think I can just have those whenever.

Beyond figuring out the cause of my adult acne, I'm also interested in maintaining a diet in which I am mostly eating whole foods. I too easily fall back on baked goods and very sugary coffees, and I'd like to do less of that. It's a slippery slope that I've slid down before, though, so I am not saying that anything will happen in that regard. Maybe I will do better. Maybe I won't. Maybe I will become a Whole30 evangelist.

We'll see.

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