Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life After My Whole30

I know now that both dairy and wheat (and most grains, probably) make me break out. Oddly enough, sugar seems to be fine. But still, I can't just go hustling off to get frozen custard with Jarod and Zinashi, and that's no fun. But I refuse to go back to using acne medication when I can clear up the problem without it, so it's my choice, really. I honestly thought I'd be willing to just go back to benzoyl peroxide evenings if the things I like best were the things causing the acne, but it turns out that I really want to be kinder to my body.

The hardest part of this has been figuring out what to eat when I don't feel like cooking. I can't just grab a sandwich anymore. At some point I hope to figure out how to make sandwich bread that doesn't contain grains, but for now it's just not happening. Is it weird to mourn the loss of sandwiches more than the loss of my beloved iced mochas? Maybe.

I am still deciding how I'll handle vacation. I did discover that when I eat a higher quality bread product, the breakout is minimal. Everything we eat in France is fresh, made by hand, practically right in front of us, so my hope is that it will be fine. And in London there's always Pret-A-Manger for soup and salad.

I feel like this blog has only become about the Whole30 stuff I'm working out, but there's not much else to tell about my personal life right now. I'm excited about vacation. I'm excited about fall. I'm tired from staying up too late. None of these things are particularly new and exciting. Life rolls on, and next time I'll think of something else to say. Because next time? I probably won't have had to cobble together a dinner of hard-boiled eggs and fruit, and I won't be home alone while the rest of my family is out for ice cream.

(PS--Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and as much as I would love to commemorate that in some way, I have very little to say about it that isn't said better by someone with more personal ties to the date. But I am remembering, and I know that being unable to eat wheat and dairy due to adult acne is really nothing compared to the real pain and suffering others have gone through and go through every day.)

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